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Internet World 1995

May 14th, 1995 1 comment

This show is running here in London from Tuesday, so of course I’m going to be there along with my chums here at Micro Media (the London Mall’s publisher).

IT HAS NOTHING TO DO with the free cases of London Pride beer which Fullers have been so kind in donating to our stand. Visit us (we’re sharing a stand alongside Silicon Graphics) and you might get some.

As part of the stand’s web-presence, I’ll be sending hourly reports from the show, updating pages for our viewing public live. Come along and get your photo taken and put onto our special show-pages, and you’ll be able to tell friends/colleagues/people in the pub that you’re published on the cutting edge of a new medium.

(The Internet I mean, not this column)

If you can’t make the show, come back to this page on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and you can read the reports; so vivid it’ll be just like being there.

Can’t do anything about the beer, though.

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Victory in Europe Day

May 8th, 1995 No comments

Today is Monday 8 May. Its a public holday in Europe to celebrate VE Day. Hyde Park has reverberated with the sounds of The People young and old celebrating the end of Hitler’s regime of terror in Europe. There can be little argument that VE was a good thing. War is a terrible waste. The end of a war is something that should be remembered with two emotions – joy that its over and sadness that it ever happened in the first place.

Unfortunately the lessons of 1939-45 have yet to be learned in many corners of the world. There are probably more people suffering through war today than there were in 1945. Not all war is conspicuous. There are today many regimes as terribly unjust as that which Adolf attempted to inflict on Europe. Let us ponder on them as we remember the past.

I refer of course to the tragedy brought about through differences of opinion with regard to religion in the Middle East, tribal cultures in Africa and downright oppression of free thought in the East.

Freedom is the unalienable right of all citizens. This notion is central to modern society. While there exist places in this world where this fundamental tenet is not upheld, war cannot be considered to be over. Let us observe the two minutes silence tonight in memory of those who fell in the War in Europe, and reserve for the future a constant thought for those who continue to fall through tyranny and denial of rights around the world today.

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