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It’s a Boy!!! – 30 July 1998

July 30th, 1998 No comments

Oliver Colin Brink is born

On Thursday morning we had the third false alarm . Down to the hospital (about 10 minutes drive – so not so far) we traipsed for a check up and hopefully an explanation as to why Jeanine had to endure contractions between 10 and 5 minutes apart with no sight of a baby.

Doctor Flatz expressed the view that the baby could arrive that afternoon, or perhaps in another week. Having thus defined the problem more accurately Jeanine drove herself home and I immersed myself into a meeting pondering the vagaries of call centers and television.

Not 30 minutes of meeting had passed before I got the phone call – “My waters have broken”. Mild panic. Of course we have been there before, but this time we had felt the tremours (in earthquake speak) for some days and I was convinced that the time was nigh.

The InterLotto Jeep made it up the hill at a never-to-be-repeated speed where I found Jeanine in a much more pragmatic and calm state of mind. Its alright for her! So I changed my shirt and we headed back to the hospital (going via Steg to drop Anton with his friends in the Sele family).

Jeanine’s calm seemed almost frenzied faced with the lack of excitement from the Midwife. “Dont worry” she said, “I will call Doctor Flatz as soon as the baby is coming”.

“But it is coming soon!”

“Yes but the Doctor is having a holiday and I don’t want to disturb him until we have to …” (all this in German which is never so easy for us).

There was about an hour of waiting before Jeanine had had enough of the pain and decided to get rid of the bump. “I’m pushing!” she cried. This worked (it must be a scret code or something). Next thing the midwife was on the phone suggesting that the good doctor make like greased lightning and hurry on down (yes – she said blitz something). 30 minutes of pain for Jeanine and the good doctor arrived just in time to say “Another push should do it” before Oliver popped out like a champagne cork.

From then on it was all over bar the shouting. Quite a bit smaller than Anton, he managed to come out without help (Anton was assisted out with a thing called a Ventuse). Seemed to let our a yell before he even got out fully – so much for the slap them on the backside rumours! A healthy boy. We are both thrilled.

So far he has been great. He got into a rythm of sleeping at night after about 4 days which was great. Seems to have lost it over the past few days but no doubt it can be regained. More pictures will be posted here when I get them.

The Facts

Weight at Birth 2.7Kg
Height at Birth 47cm
Hair Darkish but I think it will fall out and he will become more fair
Handsome? Of course!

Thats all for now…



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