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Fasching and Kids – 22 March 2001

March 22nd, 2001 No comments

The Local Season of Silliness

February is a time of great silliness (and a lot of fun) in Liechtenstein and indeed in most of this region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland as well). People dress in silly clothes, drink lots of alchohol (not that that’s all that silly!) and join silly bands. The latter are called “Gugga Musiek” bands and basically operate under the principal that you need not know how to play your instrument as long as you play it loud and with plenty of rythme.

Please see more Fasching pictures here!

Family shots

And now for a few more family shots.

Oliver holds Tamara The tribe
Lazy me and Anton Anton and Oliver (Oliver is a little camera shy still).
Tamara soon after she was born… … and last week. She’s growing (not altogether surprising!).



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