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Summer in Liechtenstein – 17 October 2003

October 17th, 2003 No comments

Of Lakes and Mountains and Lazy Days …

This has been an amazing year weather wise. Fantastic winter with great skiing and now a fantastic summer, loads of sunshine and not much rain.

What an amazing place we live in. Not only is it the most civilized place I have ever lived, we are also surrounded by oodles of natural beauty, and if that is not enough it is only a short drive to any one of 5 European countries (Austria and Switzerland and within 15 minutes, Germany, France and Italy not much further).

The lake where our boat is was unusually clear (and low) this year because of the lack of rain. I could dive under the boat (swimming off the boat on a hot day when there is not much wind is one of my favourite occupations) and look up and get an unbelievably clear view of the boat. Look down and watch the fish swimming lazily 15m under the boat!

Or take a more energetic view and do one of the many mountain walks, like the 6 hour 3 Sisters walk (it was tough – very hot) or the not so easy Magelkopf.


Not content with being in the center of Europe, Jeanine had to drag the entire family to Amsterdam! OK – truth was her dad was there, and we did of course go via England (to see her family and also my dad) and France (where we had the pleasure of rides on various of Simon’s methods of transport!).

Westside Story on the Lake Stage in Bregenz

Another amazing local attraction – the Seebuhne in Bregenz (Austria). Sit back in the 300 seat auditorium and enjoy a musical enacted on a stage that is over the water. Amazing sets, amazing technical achievements and a musical that I already know (so the german dialogue is OK) and this was something worth watching. The piccies came out quite nicely – take a look! Cheers!


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