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Daniel Lachlan Brink – 22 Devember 2002

December 22nd, 2003 No comments

It’s a Boy!!!!

Well … actually we were pretty certain it was going to be a boy for some time before the actual birth.

Anyway – it was fantastic to welcome to this harsh old world another work of baby-art from Jeanine – our 4th (and might I say final) child – Daniel Lachlan Brink.

He came into this world naturally and weighed a healthy 3.5Kg – 49cm short. I guess one gets better at it by the time of the 4th – Jeanine certainly seemed to have everything under control. 3 hours and a bit of labour and out he popped. Not even shrivelled up and purple like they so often are!

I have had a merry time for the past day or so looking after the other 3, but grandmother is here now and so I can share the piccies with the web. They all love the new arrival although Tamara seems to think we have given her a new doll to play with. She gets very possessive and also tends to be a little rough – in the interests of avoiding severe damage to little Daniel we will have to keep an eye on her.

The midwife was the same sister who delivered Oliver, so she remembered us from then. The adventure began at 05:00 (actually it began about 9 months ago but we will take them as read) when Jeanine woke me and said “We had better figure out who is going to look after the children – I need to go to the hospital”. Jeanine’s mom was due out for that task but only on the following day. Babs had offered to help but after 3 discussions with her answering machine I knew that avenue wasn’t going to work. Waking 3 children and taking them with us did not appeal so it was with great relief that we got hold of Imelda Sele who kindly came down the mountain and looked after the kids. Thanks Imi!!

Then off to the Hospital in Vaduz with contractions about 5 minutes apart. Sister Ignatius (I think thats her name) welcomed us and installed us in the latest birthing suite – as per normal Liechtenstein ways fitted out with nice new equipment including a birthing bath. I fitted the TENS mchine – I have to be useful – and Jeanine concentrated on having contractions. At about 09:20 the sister agreed that even though Jeanine was only 4cm dilated it might be a good idea to call Dr Flatz. Memories of Oliver already halfyway out before the good Doctor arrived contributed to our urgency. he arrived very quickly, took one look and said “Go on then – push it out”. So she did. Daniel was born at 09:48.

The last part is slightly abbreviated since I really cant presume to talk to the pain and effort of giving birth. Jeanine is wonderful at it – gets it over with with minimum fuss – what a pleasure (for me anyway!).

So he is born and healthy and now I have to go buy a turkey and fetch Daniel and mother from Hospital. Please have a look at all the photos here. Until later …



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