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Americas Cup down to the wire

September 25th, 2013 Comments off

Wow!  What more can be said?  Thrilling racing and an amazing comeback for the Americans with 8 wins in a row.  This was the Kiwi’s cup to lose a week ago and now they face the prospect that that could happen this evening.

Let’s not forget that without the pre-race penalty of 2 races the Americans would already have won the cup.

Somehow Team Oracle seems to have found that extra boatspeed that they were lacking in the early races and its more than the Kiwi boat.  Tonight’s viewing promises to be awesome!

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America’s Cup

September 20th, 2013 Comments off

Watching race 12 of this crazy competition.  I was one of the many who thought there would be tears in this race, and to be sure there were with the sad accident that lead to the death of a crew member.  But I have to say – these boats are awesome! 

I doubt there is a sailor in the world who doesnt deep down really really really want to have a go on one of these. Beautiful, optimal, supreme racing machines. Oracle looks nicer but seems to be vulnerable with less  bouyancy in the bows.  New Zealand had wonderful balance – they really seem to have nailed the issue of balancing on these foils.

I am surprised neither boat has approached or beaten the sailing speed record.  Held until now with weird asymetrical boats (with the exception of Hydroptere) that cant really sail normally, it would be great to see one of these beasts take it out.  And I think they could. Easily.  Forget the 20knt wind limit – once this cup is decided I want to see one of these teams go out there and go for it in 25 to 30 knt of breeze.  I reckon they could find the extra 10 knt.  And what a blast that would be!!!!!

Anyway – who knows where this competition goes in the future – we still dont have a winner although its New Zealand’s to lose.  I hope they continue in multihulls. Maybe a bit smaller (although these are so frigging awesome I wonder if they arent the right boat?).

Americas Cup - New Zealand chasing Oracle

Americas Cup – New Zealand chasing Oracle – Photo courtesy ACEA/Gilles Martin-Raget



There is much talk of cutting costs. There always is.  But this is the Americas cup. I’m not convinced its that important!

In the interim I for one am loving this series.  Thanks Larry/Russell!

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