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Life in the single lane

August 25th, 2020 No comments

Well its now late August and life has had its ups and downs. I am now officially single. I think I was for quite a while and didn’t wake up to it. But I guess I am now awake! It sucks but is also an opportunity.

Blood tests last week yielded no sign of the nasty little Para Protein C so for that I am as always grateful! We take life as it comes. I am blessed with good care and thankfully so far in remission.

I try the dating apps. Right now its between Bumble, Hinge and Happn. Hard to draw many conclusions at this point – I like Happn for the locality stuff – nothing worse than getting interested in a profile and she is the other end of the country! I think I’ve earned my T Shirt in the long distance thing! Ive had quite a few dates. None of them unpleasant. So its been good. But nothing that ground breaking yet (although there is always the odd one steaming away with potential!!!). I look forward to every date – meeting new people and seeing what the world is like outside of the bubbles that I have been in. Those of you who know me will know that this is temporary – I like to be with someone.

Business has its ups and downs. BETR was delisted from HitBTC for insufficient volume. Really annoying – they put a huge amount of pressure to inflate volumes with “market makers” which I did in the end (at significant cost) and they then decided it wasn’t enough and delisted us. So I lost out on the money I paid to the market makers and we are now without a Tier 1 exchange. The re-listing requirements at HitBTC were simply ridiculous – they wanted more liquidity than exists in our ecosystem. What this highlights to me is how inflated and artificial this all is. We paid 15 BTC (at the time close to 300K USD) to list and this just disappears at the whim of some guy who has his hands on the switch. We will list again on a better exchange and so be it.

checkincognito is going well – doing our little bit to help stop the spread of COVID. I worry about places like USA where they dont seem to care – somehow that doesn’t work! We are over 170 pubs actively using us now which is a good start. More than 26,000 people have scanned our codes. But we need to do more and that is the mission.

And that’s that from my little place in the world at the moment! Love to all…

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