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A baby boy!

Just a quick note this week. Sunday was a special day for me – my wife gave birth to a 7lb 4oz boy! Hence my late writing of this column, and its brevity.

Anton is born!

Anton is born!

3.00AM on Sunday morning and off we went to the famous Guy’s hospital. We only got to bed after a dinner party at 2.00AM, so I wasn’t all that keen to go anywhere. Anyway the staff at the Guy’s labour ward were very professional, and after only 8 hours young Anton was born. Not without a few worrying moments, cord round neck and other such fun! It is an amazing experience to watch the birth happen, and I would strongly advise any budding fathers out there to go and watch at the birth.

Then its off to the maternity ward (floor above) where for only GBP50 you can hire your own personal room. Having duly done this we ignored the signs and got the mobile to work letting the rellies know. “Anton is a very pretty baby” (of course!). Wifey was hungry (dinner was given back to yours truly in the early stages of labour) and do you think we could get a bite to eat? Not a sausage. Had to go to McDonalds and invest in some junk food. Have to ask what all the taxes that go to NHS are spent on. Certainly not the facilities at Guy’s.

Then again, Guy’s is one of the hospitals that is scheduled to be closed down by Virginia Bottomley (our illustrious Health Minister). Something to do with efficiency and redundant beds?!? Didn’t see too many redundant beds when I was there! Crazy stuff is happening with the British health service. Great pity – it seems to me that the system is just progresively being destroyed.

I don’t have a huge amount of inspiration for any chatter this week, so if you dont mind I’ll just sign off for now and resume my normal writing next week. Have a great week wherever you are, and remember, whatever time zone you’re in, the odds are I am awake! ­čÖé

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