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Groupama 3 Atlantic Record

Franck Cammas and crew have set off on their attempt to break their own transatlantic record under sail.  It is well worth going to their site, if only to see the amazing video on the front page of the boat doing its thing in the ocean.  This is another Monster Multihull, but designed to handle the rigours of crossing an ocean.  Having done that myself (singelhanded on a 28 foot racing trimaran) I have some experience of what this is like.

These guys will have to sail at an average speed in excess of 33 knots to beat their own record! The current record is 4 days, 3 hours, 57 Minutes and 54 seconds – faster than most passenger ships.

Groupama 3 doing what she does best

Groupama 3 doing what she does best

A lot depends on the weather – one of the problems with a crossing at this speed is that you go faster than the weather fronts, so there is a lot of strategy finding the right conditions and staying in them as long as possible. According to Sylvain Mondon from Meteo France – their onshore router – “A line of stormy squalls from the SW hit New York during the course of the afternoon and produced a considerable wind increase on its way through. This enabled us to take the start a little earlier than we initially planned.”

To stand a chance of beating her own reference time set on 24th July 2007, Groupama 3 will have to cross the finish line off Lizard Point, the South-West tip of Britain, prior to Monday 3rd August at 00h 09′ 10” UTC.

We wish her all of the best!

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