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Internet World 1995

This show is running here in London from Tuesday, so of course I’m going to be there along with my chums here at Micro Media (the London Mall’s publisher).

IT HAS NOTHING TO DO with the free cases of London Pride beer which Fullers have been so kind in donating to our stand. Visit us (we’re sharing a stand alongside Silicon Graphics) and you might get some.

As part of the stand’s web-presence, I’ll be sending hourly reports from the show, updating pages for our viewing public live. Come along and get your photo taken and put onto our special show-pages, and you’ll be able to tell friends/colleagues/people in the pub that you’re published on the cutting edge of a new medium.

(The Internet I mean, not this column)

If you can’t make the show, come back to this page on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and you can read the reports; so vivid it’ll be just like being there.

Can’t do anything about the beer, though.

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  1. admin
    September 13th, 2008 at 16:37 | #1

    As a footnote (when I copied the old html version of this site to a more modern version) we won best stand award in 1995. We had the smallest, lowest budget stand, but we had ideas! Next to us was the mighty Compuserve – remember them???

    The London Mall was sold to the Daily Mail and renamed, but the spirit remains (I write this now 13 years later).

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