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King Charles III and Fondlesticks

September 10th, 2022

I’m watching Charles III being acknowledged as King and in charge of most things. They do pomp and ceremony so well here in the UK! I’m not going to delve into the monarchy in principle – there are many views on this and I don’t have a strong one (I quite like it).

No – what I wanted to consider is what is obvious in the next picture:

This relatively new concept that whenever anything meaningful happens we raise our hands in the air holding a cameraphone! This is not driven by any desire to document something – lets face it there are very competent people from the BBC doing that already.

No – what we have is some way that we can record that we were at the event. So we take what is often blurry and obscured footage as some way to prove our attendance and how close we got to the action. Then we can tell our friends by posting on social – they won’t get any better view from our video – they saw it on tv anyway. But they will know that I was there and close to the front. Happy days! Funny – the commentator is saying the same thing on the BBC coverage now (that everyone had their phones out!).

Maybe there is room for an app that simply records for posterity our location based boasting. I sort of “I was there” app that somehow can blend in existing coverage to get rid of the need to hold the phone up. Imagine going to a music concert and not having to hold your fondlestick in the air! Video bites can be taken from official concert footage.

Something to think about…

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