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Oracle Wing Mast Unveiled

November 9th, 2009
BMW Oracle Trimaran Wing Mast

BMW Oracle Trimaran Wing Mast

The latest development by the BMW Oracle Racing team was unveiled today when an enormous solid wing sail was prepared to be wheeled out of the tent at the team base in San Diego. Perhaps they are not so upset at losing their rig last week after all!
A wing of this scale has never been built for a race boat. In terms of size, the wing on BOR 90 dwarfs those on modern aircraft. Towering nearly 190 ft (57 m) above the deck, it is 80 percent bigger than a wing on a 747 airplane (102 ft / 31 m).

The primary advantage of the wing over a soft sail is that it is easier to control and does not distort. This makes it easier for the trimmers on board to maintain an optimum aerofoil shape in a wide range of conditions.

Full-scale, on-the-water testing of the wing will begin later this week as the team resumes sea trials in preparation for the 33rd America’s Cup Match in February.

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