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The race is on!

February 8th, 2010

Just got back from Valencia where I tried to see the boats – decided the action is better followed at home on the telly!

Wonderful huge machines, but unfortunately along with their tremendous speeds comes a race that takes place out of sight of all who dont have a RIB!  I did get to see Alingi go out yesterday and saw her sailing at a distance. Also saw USA (at a distance).

Hats off to Alinghi in the pre-race area.  They took the effort to put an exhibition in place (and of course showed off their cup).  They also moored “Beauty” in the Darsena harbour where the public could get within 50m of it.  The Americans not only moored in the commercial harbour where access was impossible except by boat, they also didnt bother with any sort of facility beyond the inevitable shop.  So most people’s view of BMW Oracle is a shop surrounded by all the BMW courtesy cars and thats that. Oh – and the tip of that 75m wing showing over the cranes.

Will post pictures in a short while – for now the race is about to begin so its off to the telly!

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