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And I’m out!

September 4th, 2019

But … let us back track a bit. I last left you with a bag of Ice on me head as fever headed into its second day and stubbornly refused to go away.

That same fever lasted another week. It wasn’t the best of weeks. Fever really isn’t fun. They couldn’t figure out the reason. Many many blood tests and X-rays later they finally did a CT Scan and found fluid in my lungs – Pneumonia was the verdict. Explains the coughing up mucus etc. Having diagnosed it they decided the antibiotics I was on were good enough and a few days later (Friday 30) the fever abated and I started to become more “normal”.

Walk in the gardens

Weekend was a nice recovery with walks in the garden (how many laps can I do?) and by Monday 2 September I was deemed to be strong enough to go home – which I duly did with Oliver (stopping at the pub across the road in the vain hope that Uber over charge would reduce if we waited an hour).

UBER overcharge reduction Guiness

So now I am home. Still weak but getting stronger every day. Apparently still susceptible to infection so have to be a bit careful and avoid crowded tubes etc. But basically I am now off all chemo and while I may have side effects for a while I don’t have the poisons in the body any more which is a very good thing.

They test the blood again after 100 days where they see where the Myeloma is in terms of state. Hoping its more or less gone. Last words from the sister at the hospital is that my blood counts had recovered exceptionally fast and they were very happy with he body’s response to treatment.

Apparently there is no point testing prior to 100 days as things are in a state of flux. So for the next 3 months I simply need to avoid infection and rebuild strength.


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