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Week 1

February 26th, 2019

To some degree uneventful. The meds are strong. I do feel side effects. Velcade injection on Mondays accompanied with 2 days steroids gets the week off to a flying start and little sleep but then later in the week the Thalidomide dominates and wacks me in the evening when I take it – only to wake up at a silly hour in the morning with sleep elusive. And generally tiredness towards the end of the week. At least that’s how the first week went.

Having said all that, pain has decreased to almost gone – no pain killers in general and blood tests yesterday show that something good is happening although they didn’t say much at all apart from they are happy with progress.

The nice “get your meds” ward at St Barts

On the whole I am super positive about everything. The diagnosis is done. I’ve been subjected to more tests than most people so at least there should not be any other “lurkers”. Just got to get a handle on this one and deal with it. Thank you so much to all who have enquired, encouraged or actively engaged in this difficult period – your support means a lot!

Blood status

Not being trained I will not comment much on the above. It would seem an L in front (like top right) means Low. But of course with the meds presumably some things will go the wrong way too so I would not read much into this.

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