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The future of Sailing

July 26th, 2010 No comments

This video shows the speed of the Foiling Moth against other boats – there is no doubt that foiling is where its all going.

I have followed the progress of foiling multihulls for a number of years and came close to buying one.  There are two production multihull foilers at the moment – the Hobie Trifoiler which was the fastest but broke a lot and is no longer made and the Windrider Rave.  Both of these have been clocked in excess of 40 knots!

On another note – I am certainly not the only one out there that sees Sunday’s F1 race as simply a travesty of justice.  Ferrari should be stripped of the places in the race. If they had not implemented team orders arguably Vettel would have given Alonso a run for his money while he was hindered by Masse.  I dont disagree with DC views that team orders happen all the time anyway, but surely if there is a rule you should be forced to stick to it? Perhaps they should do away with that rule and simply accept that its a team sport not an individual one?

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