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World Sailing Speed Record Video Footage

September 7th, 2009 No comments

Check out video footage of this awesome record breaking trip here.

Oman Sail Trimaran

August 24th, 2009 No comments

It seems a trendy thing to do.  It’s certainly a fun thing!  Yet another maxi tri takes to the seas this week as the Oman Sail team launches their 105 foot monster offshore trimaran.

Oman Sail trimaran emerges from the build shed

Oman Sail trimaran emerges from the build shed

Named “Arabian 100” the boat was partly built in Australia from the Sodebo moulds before being shipped to the gulf for completion.

I look forward to seeing its exploits in round the world racing and record setting!  Thanks to “The Daily Sail” for the story.

A big boat!

A big boat!

Rugby (and golf) in the Olympics

August 13th, 2009 No comments

Having been a supporter of the movement to put Rugby in the Olympics I am encouraged to read today on that august website BBC that rugby and golf are on the list for potentlal inclusion.

Golf is set to return to the Olympics after a 112-year absence in 2016, and rugby sevens will also be recommended to be part of that year’s Games.

The International Olympic Committee’s executive board voted to include both at its Berlin executive board meeting.

The recommendation must be rubber-stamped by a full meeting of the IOC congress in Copenhagen in October.”

Golf was played in 1900, and again in 1904, but not since.  Now – I am a bigger player (and in a way fan) of golf nowadays than I am rugby, but I wonder if that is the right sport for the olympics. It has such a huge circuit outside the olympic movement.  Then you have the nanas at ISAF dropping arguably the most entertaining sailing discipline – multihulls (yes – I am rather keen on them) and one has to wonder where sanity lies.

The 15-member board selected the proposed sports for 2016 by secret ballot over several rounds, with the sport receiving the fewest votes eliminated each time. Rogge, who chairs the board, did not vote.

Rugby was the clear winner overall, getting seven votes in the first round and a majority of nine in the second. In a separate ensuing vote, golf needed four rounds to get through.

Anyway – i think 7s will make a tremendous Olypmpic sport and urge those of you that care to visit and cast your vote.

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Transatlantic Record Smashed!

August 2nd, 2009 No comments

Banque Populaire crossed the Lizard-Ushant finish line of their west to east transatlantic record attempt at 14:13:30 GMT today demolishing the existing record, set by Franck Cammas’ Groupama 3 in 2007.

Celebrating the achievement

Celebrating the achievement

Having passed the Ambrose Light, start mark off New York Harbour on 29 July at 22:47:42 GMT, the blue 40m long trimaran completed the 2,925 mile long atlantic passage in the outrageously fast time of 3 days 15 hours 25 minutes and 48 seconds at an average speed of 32.94 knots. An absolutely amazing achievement! During the voyage her maximum peak speed was 47.15 knots.

It’s worth pointing out the world sailing speed record stands at just north of 50 Knots, so these boats are close to that in the most demanding of conditions.

Groupama 3 Atlantic Record

July 30th, 2009 No comments

Franck Cammas and crew have set off on their attempt to break their own transatlantic record under sail.  It is well worth going to their site, if only to see the amazing video on the front page of the boat doing its thing in the ocean.  This is another Monster Multihull, but designed to handle the rigours of crossing an ocean.  Having done that myself (singelhanded on a 28 foot racing trimaran) I have some experience of what this is like.

These guys will have to sail at an average speed in excess of 33 knots to beat their own record! The current record is 4 days, 3 hours, 57 Minutes and 54 seconds – faster than most passenger ships.

Groupama 3 doing what she does best

Groupama 3 doing what she does best

A lot depends on the weather – one of the problems with a crossing at this speed is that you go faster than the weather fronts, so there is a lot of strategy finding the right conditions and staying in them as long as possible. According to Sylvain Mondon from Meteo France – their onshore router – “A line of stormy squalls from the SW hit New York during the course of the afternoon and produced a considerable wind increase on its way through. This enabled us to take the start a little earlier than we initially planned.”

To stand a chance of beating her own reference time set on 24th July 2007, Groupama 3 will have to cross the finish line off Lizard Point, the South-West tip of Britain, prior to Monday 3rd August at 00h 09′ 10” UTC.

We wish her all of the best!

Another cool video from Alinghi on their Monster Cat

July 27th, 2009 No comments

Another cool video from the folks at Alinghi. This grudge match is setting itself up to be an awesome sailing contest!  Pretty sure Larry Ellison will launch another boat now with engine powered ballast and controls – and probably lean towards lighter air as well (it is clear that this Alinghi boat will crash and burn in the heavy stuff!.

I would guess he will wait until the definitive venue announcement that is in the next few weeks – super important for the boat design.  Keep watching this space for the latest!

Check out the video here.

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Alinghi 5 – the Monster Cat sails!

July 21st, 2009 No comments


Well – it didn’t fall apart.  Yet.

Alinghi Monster Cat on Lake Geneve - Maiden Voyage

Alinghi Monster Cat on Lake Geneve - Maiden Voyage

Still a fair amount of controversy over that engine (which I have heard is from a snowmobile).  Apparently it runs (noisily) all the time and supplies power to the winches.  Observant observers will notice the lack of winch pedestals (the handles to wind the winches found on normal big boats).  How they will get away with this under the rules is still to be disclosed.  As defenders of the cup they are able to change the rules, but since they already announced that the match will be to ISAF rules they will have to be amended for this.  There is some precedent – the really large monohulls also use hydraulic power for winches.

Look closely at the hulls - those specs are grown men!  Gives you and idea of the scale.

Look closely at the hulls - those specs are grown men! Gives you and idea of the scale.

More on Sail World and the Alinghi website.  More pics also on Flickr.

More Monster Multihull Madness

July 20th, 2009 No comments

Had to just bring a few more pics of this Multihill Mania that is developing in the world of the America’s Cup.  From the BMW Oracle sea trials …

Get a feel for the size of these boats here

Get a feel for the size of these boats here

And how fast is this!!!



From the Swiss camp as they prepare to try their creation out today, a few more pics …

The mast - get an idea of the scale by looking at the person on the right

The mast - get an idea of the scale by looking at the person on the right

And the boat (which has just successfully launched) …

The Boat

The Boat

The America’s Cup

May 5th, 2009 No comments

I dont know how many of you have followed this saga of the Americas cup. It now looks like the race may take place in giant multihulls. Found this piccie on the web and I have to say it is just awesome – Larry Ellison’s BMW Oracle trimaran – 30 knots in 8 knots of breeze anyone? I wonder how it would perform in 25 knots though ….

BMW Oracle Trimaran

BMW Oracle Trimaran

More pics available here at Yachts and Boating.