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Banque Populaire smashes round-the-world sailing record

January 7th, 2012 No comments

Maxi trimaran Banque populaire has smashed the round-the-world record, completing a circumnavigation from France to France in 45 days, 13 hours and 42 minutes.

The 40m trimaran screamed around the world with average 620 mile days – truly exhilirating! Having had the good fortune to cross the Atlantic on a smaller trimaran I speak from experience when I guess that all the crew are at the same time excited, exhilirated and more than a bit happy to have made it back in one piece!

The Jules Verne record was named after the book “Around the world in 80 days” at a time when it seemed unlikely to be possible to achieve a circumnavigation that fast. Here we are nearly twice as fast not more than 30 years since the original 80 day record tumbled.

Now we just wait for a foiler such as Hydroptere to take it to a new level …

Nice Whale Story

August 17th, 2011 No comments

Not really a topic that I would normally post about, but I like creatures of the sea and this is a cool video.  Seems this whale got tangled in a fishing net and these guys managed to free it – with the whale providing a nice “Sea World” type experience at the end.

I ran over a whale once on a transatlantic trip on a small sailing trimaran. Thankfully neither the whale nor I was injured, but I think we were both equally shocked by the encounter! They are rather large and solid – I wouldn’t have liked to have hit the whale with a keelboat. Luckily I was running downwind and had my centerboard up so the tri just bounced off the whake who then serviced at the stern and gave me a beady eye look!

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Thomas Coville sets sail in spectacular style

February 1st, 2011 No comments

Thomas Coville set sail on Saturday on an attempt to beat the round the world single handed record yesterday and almost ended the voyage within sight of the start line!

Coville nearly comes unstuck

Coville nearly comes unstuck

Sailing a 100ft trimaran around the world single-handed is no mean feat, but I doubt he would have wanted this sendoff!  Rounding Ushant with a helicopter following and filming the big trimaran caught a gust and started to trip over her toes.  Happily she settled down again and he was able to continue on this 17000 mile trip around the world which he hopes to do in less than 57 days 13 hours and 34 minutes.

Sodebo finds her feet

Sodebo finds her feet

We wish Thomas safe passage and good luck on his voyage – keep your eye on for updates.  For video footage of the departure and the near-capsize please visit

Its a Cat!

September 13th, 2010 No comments

The next Americ’a cup will take place in 2013 on a Catamaran (with some sort of centre hull).  It will be 72 foot long and will have a wing sail. As we have seen already in the last cup, this promises to be a beast of a boat, fast and furious.

A new 45 foot version of this wall also be launched as a training ground for the AC.  Called the “youth americas cup” this seems to me to be out to compete with the Extreme 40s series.

More information on the boat here.

L Hydroptere sets another record

November 14th, 2009 No comments

Awesome picture!  Here is the fastest big multi in the world – L’Hydroptere – as she sets yet another record, this time over a full nautical mile.

The most awesome tri in the world!

The most awesome tri in the world!

Sorry Larry – I do really dig your BMW trimaran thing but … this is something else!  50.17 knots over a full nautical mile – that’s 92.91 km/h for you non-nautical folk.

The record was set in 28 knots of breeze – nearly twice the speed of the wind in a fairly bumpy sea.  When this thing does a circumnavigation (yes – it will happen) it will blow these jules verne records out the window.  Mind you, it could be a handful in the southern ocean!

“For 30 years, passion and daring have carried me forward, but this victory really belongs to our indomitable, tight-knit team. The historic record of more than 50 knots over one nautical mile is powerful because it lies at the frontier between the twin capacities of this extraordinary flying trimaran that is both a high-speed craft and an ocean-going sailboat. Our team now holds the top two speed records in the world, 51.36 knots over 500 metres and 50.17 knots over one nautical mile, and we can now concentrate on ocean sailing in 2010”, commented Alain Thébault.

The 60ft L’Hydroptère (from the Greek hydros, water, and ptera, wing), is a hydrofoil trimaran (the foils are actually underwater wings). It is a sleek and elegant craft with a central hull and a mast 28m high, stabilised by two side floats separated from the hull by huge 24m carbon crossbeams built at the Airbus plant in Nantes. The innovative design of the boat, which flies on submerged wings, cleverly constructed out of carbon and titanium, make it much faster, more durable and lightweight (only 6.5 tonnes). The flight envelope of the prototype is continuously defined and validated on a 3D flight simulator developed specifically for this carbon bird, which represents the new generation of extreme sailing.

Alain Thébault, designer and skipper of this Formula 1 of the seas, had always dreamt of making a boat fly. After 20 years of research and development, the flying boat is now a robust, powerful craft thanks to the help of eight retired engineers from Dassault Aviation and EADSAirbus who volunteered their time. l’Hydroptère is the perfect combination of cutting edge technology, performance and human adventure. This unique project was created by a team of sailing buffs, engineers, technicians and aircraft manufacturers. In 2006, the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) joined the team and became “Official Scientific Adviser” to assist in advanced fields such as aero-hydrodynamics, composite materials, structural behaviour and video imaging.

The amazing flyijng trimaran

The amazing flyijng trimaran

I wanna be there!!

I wanna be there!!

Actuel Capsizes in the English Channel

November 10th, 2009 No comments

Not quite the way it is supposed to be – this pciture of “Actuel” after her capsize shows the other side of life on these extreme machines.

Actuel afrer her capsize

Actuel after her capsize

Apparently she was sailing at around 20 knots in 24 knots of breeze when she very suddenly pitchpoled.  Looking at the photo it is not hard to guess that she hit something – probably a shipping container.  Unfortunately there are rather a lot of them floating around, and they tend to float like icebergs – not much above the water.

More can be found on the Daily Sail …

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World Sailing Speed record broken!

September 6th, 2009 No comments

It’s a development we have anticipated for some time – the large multihulls taking the speed record from the kitesurfers and specialist (often one-tack-only) machines such as Yellow Pages and Macquarie Innovations.

Now the team on L’Hyroptere have done it – setting a new record of 51.36 knots over a 500m course with a peak 55.5 knots (thats over 102 Km/h or around 64Mph!).  Designed with this purpose in mind, Hydroptere is a specialist speed sailing trimaran with advanced floats modelled on a sea-plane float and foils that allow the entire yacht to sail 100% out of the water when the speed is sufficient.

55 Knots!

55 Knots!

And it was today – sailing at 55 Knots in only 28 knots of wind.  Those of you wondering how this is possible – think of a car travelling at 20mph in no wind.  The wind felt out of the window (the Apparent Wind) would be 20 mph in your face.  Much the same effect happens with this high performance sailing.  A yacht that is efficient at converting wind energy into speed effectively makes its own wind.  So the wind over the deck on the trimaran would be about 28 Knots + the effect of the boat’s speed.  Given that the boat would have been tight reaching, the 55 Knots of boat speed would probably translate into an additional 20 Knots over the deck – so she was sailing in about 40-50 knots of breeze!

Yes! 55 Knots!

Yes! 55 Knots!

What’s next?  Will the BMW or Alinghi boats beat this?  Possible – in lighter air.  It boils down to issues of sea state.  When the wind is blowing north of 20 knots the sea gets lumpy.  While the foils help with this, as does a carefully chosen racetrack (the Trench for kitesurfing records or sheltered bays for the other attempts), ultimately the speed records will be held by the most efficient boat, since the higher speeds can come in less wind which means lower sea state.  Both the Alinghi and Oracle boats are super efficient.  And dont believe they dont have some trick with foils that we haven’t seen yet!

I think there is way more to come in this arena.

55 Knots - what's next?

55 Knots - what's next?

Oman Sail Trimaran

August 24th, 2009 No comments

It seems a trendy thing to do.  It’s certainly a fun thing!  Yet another maxi tri takes to the seas this week as the Oman Sail team launches their 105 foot monster offshore trimaran.

Oman Sail trimaran emerges from the build shed

Oman Sail trimaran emerges from the build shed

Named “Arabian 100” the boat was partly built in Australia from the Sodebo moulds before being shipped to the gulf for completion.

I look forward to seeing its exploits in round the world racing and record setting!  Thanks to “The Daily Sail” for the story.

A big boat!

A big boat!

BMW Oracle Racing Trimaran

August 10th, 2009 No comments

Never let it be said that your scribe is biased!  Here are some latest shots of the BMW Oracle trimaran with a bit of breeze.

BMW Oracle Trimaran (c) Photo Gilles Martin-Raget

BMW Oracle Trimaran (c) Photo Gilles Martin-Raget

This crazy race is going to be very interesting if this is in fact the boat that will contest the Alingho monster cat.  Two very different boats!  Here we have a boat that clearly likes a bit more wind, with the winches powered by muscle rather than a motor.  Alinghi have now announced the venue for the race in February next year as a part of the United Arab Emirates – very close in fact to Iran!

BMW Oracle Trimaran - (c) Photo Gilles Martin Raget

BMW Oracle Trimaran - (c) Photo Gilles Martin Raget

The UAE will probably have less sea state and wind than was expected in Valencia, and I would not be surprised to see BWM Oracle either go back to the drawing board for a new, lighter design for the lighter air or radically revise this boat.

Ahh – to have money to throw at toys like this!  What fun!

Transatlantic Record Smashed!

August 2nd, 2009 No comments

Banque Populaire crossed the Lizard-Ushant finish line of their west to east transatlantic record attempt at 14:13:30 GMT today demolishing the existing record, set by Franck Cammas’ Groupama 3 in 2007.

Celebrating the achievement

Celebrating the achievement

Having passed the Ambrose Light, start mark off New York Harbour on 29 July at 22:47:42 GMT, the blue 40m long trimaran completed the 2,925 mile long atlantic passage in the outrageously fast time of 3 days 15 hours 25 minutes and 48 seconds at an average speed of 32.94 knots. An absolutely amazing achievement! During the voyage her maximum peak speed was 47.15 knots.

It’s worth pointing out the world sailing speed record stands at just north of 50 Knots, so these boats are close to that in the most demanding of conditions.